Dr. Tricia McLaughlin

Tricia McLaughlinTricia McLaughlin is currently employed at RMIT University, Australia as the Senior Officer, SHEER Centre (Science, Health, Engineering Educational Research Centre). Prior to this she was the Manager of Scholarship of Learning and Teaching in the College of Science, Engineering and Health at RMIT. Her background includes lecturing in industrial relations, project management and construction employment management. Tricia also consults on industrial, economic and training matters for a range of organisations, associations, unions and private companies within Australia. Prior to her role in academia, Tricia was employed by the Parliament of Victoria as Executive Officer and consultant to the Economic Development Committee of the Parliament. She acted as the executive officer for the Parliamentary Inquiry into the Building Industry and was consultant to the Minister during the Security of Payments Public Hearings. She has worked in the Australian construction industry and held positions on the industry skills council and training associations for many years. Tricia has also been employed as an advisor to the Federal Minister for Industrial Relations in the Hawke Government. She has been the recipient of a number of competitive research grants, has led ALTC and OLT grants in scholarship of learning and teaching in lifelong learning and has received a number of university and national teaching awards. Her research publications, including three books, span both her discipline of construction and the scholarship of learning and teaching.