Dr. Teresa Sanders

Sanders Chicago ICE 2015Dr. Teresa Sanders has an impressive depth of experience in the fields of education and mental health/social services.  In her role as a social services professional, she provided community mental health services to persistently mentally ill adolescents and adults in both inpatient and outpatient settings in Sacramento, California.

After spending more than 20 years in community-based mental health/social services, Dr. Sanders transitioned into the field of education as a Special Education teacher of elementary level students with severe emotional and behavioral problems. Currently, Dr. Sanders is a Lead Special Education Teacher in the Dallas Independent School District in  Dallas, Texas.

As an educator Dr. Sanders effectively serves some of the most socially, academically and financially disenfranchised students and families in the Dallas Metroplex. Dr. Sanders works successfully with challenging populations by taking a holistic, comprehensive approach to interacting with students and families, welcoming parents as allies in their children’s education process. She is an advocate for students and parents in the school environment and believes that for students to demonstrate maximum academic achievement, parents must be engaged actively in an effective school-home partnership. Dr. Sanders has established effective tips and suggestions for interacting positively with even the most resistive parents, with the ultimate goal of improving the academic achievement of all students. Dr. Sanders is also currently an adjunct faculty member with the University of Phoenix, a position she has held for 7 years.