Dr. Prasanth Mathew

Prasanth MathewDr. Prasanth Mathew, after his post graduation in Chemistry, did his post graduation in Education. He got his Ph.D in Education by 2009. He has twelve years of teaching experience at graduate level, two years of experience at post graduate level and fourteen years of research experience.

Presently, he is working with P.K.M. College of Education, Madampam, Kannur, India as Assistant Professor in Physical Science. He is an approved research guide in Education with Kannur University. He is the Director of ‘Physica Scientia’: The Physical Science Teachers’ Learning Community. He is a life member of World Council for Curriculum and Instruction (WCCI). He is one of the founding members and research consultant to “Bethlehem Educational Research Foundation”- an organizational member of WCCI.  He is one of the members of the WCCI interested group on ‘ethics and values’. He is also a life member of All India Association for Educational Research.

Dr Prasanth has presented several research papers at international level. The paper “Integration of Spiritual Values in the Teaching of Science” was awarded the best paper presented in the international conference on Fourth Wave Education by AIAER at Gujarat in 2004. Another paper “A New Approach to Learn English: A Couple of Experiments” was presented and published in the international conference ICLORD 2005 at Bangkok, Thailand. The paper titled “Education: the Means to Divinity” was presented and published in the proceedings of the 12th World Conference on “Building a Culture of Peace for a Civil Society” organized by WCCI in 2006 at Philippines. The paper “Spiritual domain: the Domain of Learning for Integrating Virtues and Enhancing the Spiritual Capital” was presented and published in ICLIST 2010, at Pattaya, Thailand. The paper titled “Spiritual Domain: The Domain of Learning for Sustainable Future” was presented in the 15th World conference of WCCI in 2012 at Thaiwan. The paper “Spiritual Domain: The Domain of Learning for Cultivating a Spiritually Intelligent Culture” was presented by the coauthor in the 16th World Conference on Education, San Diego, CA, USA in 2014.

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