Dr. Mabel CPO Okojie

Mabel CPO OkojieMabel CPO Okojie is a Professor at Mississippi State University (MSU).  Dr. Okiojie has taught various courses in the field of educational studies and the related field including educational research.  She has graduated 20 doctoral students as a major adviser/dissertation director and graduated more than 50 masters and educational specialist degree students. She coordinated and chaired the committee that modified and redesigned the Ph.D. degree program in the Department of Instructional Systems and Workforce Development (ISWD). She is the coordinator of Educational Specialist Degree Program in ISWD. Dr. Okojie has published numerous articles in national and international peer review journals. She co-authored a text-book, entitled: Digitools: Advanced Computer Applications.  She equally reviewed a World Bank book (Diversified Secondary Education and Development: Evidence from Columbia and Tanzania, a World Bank book. Also, she has written book chapters and she is a Distinguished Contributing Scholar for her citations published in Lexicon Distance Education.  Dr. Okojie has written funded grants for over $1.2 million. She is an assistant editor for International Vocational Education and Training Association (IVETA) journal and a member of the editorial panel, The English Record Journal, New York State English Council.