Lois Kappler

Lois KapplerBiography:

Lois Kappler has been involved in PreK-12 education for 30 years across four states and currently is a project manager at the Mississippi State University Research and Curriculum Unit.  As an M-STAR liaison between the Mississippi Department of Education (MDE) and educators across the state, she provides training on the Mississippi Statewide Teacher Appraisal Rubric (M-STAR). Recently, she wrote for the MDE the process manual for professional growth goals, which will be a component of the teacher-evaluation system starting in 2015. In an effort to support teachers across the state, she works to design and provide online modules to help them develop their areas of growth.  In addition to M-STAR she is involved with the RCU’s High Performance Leadership Institute, which is an innovative approach to helping underperforming schools become successful and higher performing schools become more successful. Kappler is working toward her PhD in education at Mississippi State University with a focus on teacher effectiveness and turnaround leadership.