Jihan Alkhudair


Jihan Alkhudair is an educational supervisor at the Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia. Being a second language teacher in Saudi Arabia, she taught English as a second language for 6 years. In 2004, she became an educational supervisor responsible for English language teachers` professional development and their teaching performance evaluation. In Fall 2012, she received a full scholarship to pursue her graduate study in the U.S. She is currently doing her master`s degree in the Assessment and Evaluation program in the College of Education at the University of Akron, Ohio. She is going to pursue her doctoral degree in Evaluation, Measurement, and Research at Western Michigan University in Fall 2014. Her interests and expertise are in the area of: educational quantitative research, classroom assessment, teachers` training, teachers` performance evaluation, and program evaluation. She shared in different conferences, workshops, seminars, and voluntary contributions.