Hamzeh M. Dodeen

Hamzeh M. DodeenShort Biography:

Hamzeh M. Dodeen, Ph.D

• Graduated on 2000 with a PhD from the College of Education at Ohio University, USA.
• Since 2001, associate professor in research methods and measurement at the Psychology Department, United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), UAE.
• Teaching psychometric, research methods, applied research, and thinking skills courses.
• Published more than 20 articles in several psychometrical and assessment topics in both psychology and education such as item-fit, person-fit, differential item functioning, teaching evaluation, teaching effectiveness, international achievement tests, testing skills, item/test analysis in both classical test theory and IRT, and missing data.
• Published in several international referred journals such as International Journal of Testing, Research in Higher Education Journal, Journal of Baltic Science Education, Educational Assessment, Interdisciplinary Journal of Teaching and Learning, Research Papers in Education, School Science and Mathematics, The International Journal of Educational Management, International Journal of Applied Health Studies, Journal of Experimental Education, and Journal of Educational Measurement.
• Published four books: New Issues in Education, Research and Evaluation; Advanced Statistical Analysis Using SPSS; Academic Program Outcomes Assessment: The UAE University as A Practical Case; and Students’ Problems in Tests: Cheating, Test-Taking Strategies, and Test Anxiety.
• Contact information: United Arab Emirates (UAE), UAE University,
Psychology Department, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, P.O. Box 17771, Mobile: 00971- 507931665, E-mail: hdodeen@uaeu.ac.ae