Grzegorz Mazurkiewicz

Grzegorz MazurkiewiczGrzegorz Mazurkiewicz (Ph.D.) sociologist, works at the at the Institute for Public Affairs in the Faculty of Management and Social Communication at Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland (previously high school teacher and NGO Sector employee).

His research interests are focused on educational leadership, educational policy, quality of the process of teaching and learning, teachers’ attitudes, adults’ learning, gender stereotypes in education and intercultural education.

Classes that he teaches are connected with sociology of education, educational administration and leadership, global and European challenges in education, schools’ evaluation and self-evaluation, teachers’ professional development.

He worked as an expert in PHARE Program in Romania aiming at the reform of professional development system for teachers, worked as researcher for European Commission in projects on adult trainers and adult learning and for Local Government Initiative (Open Society Institute in Budapest). He also worked as research assistant at Ohio State University and taught at Bowling Green State University in Ohio, USA.

Since 2009, he is also a director of the project focused on transformation of the schools’ inspection system for all schools and educational institutions in Poland (funded within a frame of the European Social Fund). He was a coordinator or director of different projects supporting struggling schools from disadvantaged regions, focused on the whole school development, exploring issues of school self-evaluation, focused on authentic teaching and learning process. He tries to be involved in multiple initiatives focused on strengthening students’ involvement in the learning process.

His publications include:

Educational leadership. Responsible management in education facing contemporary challenges (Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Jagiellońskiego, Kraków 2011).

Educational leadership. How to avoid schematical solutions?, in: Educational leadership in school and its environment, S.M Kwiatkowski, J. Michalak, I. Nowosad (eds), (Diffin, Warszawa 2011).

Educational leadership with eyes and hearts wide open, in: International Handbook on Leadership for Learning, Townsend, T. and MacBeath, J. (eds) (New York: Springer, 2011).