1.)    How can I take advantage of the Early Bird Registration?

Early Bird Registration will be open until October 31, 2014. The Early Bird rate is only $150.00. You can register for the conference at www.chicagoice.org or by clicking, here.  Once you have registered with us you will receive an automated confirmation e-mail.


2.)    Is it possible for those who may be traveling from overseas to attend the conference to receive a travel grant?

Unfortunately we do not have any type of travel grant available for conference attendees. However, there may be limited grants for some presenters.


3.)    If I submit a paper, but cannot attend the conference due to distance and time, will my paper still be considered for the conference and publication?

All papers received will be considered for publication. Any papers chosen by the Chicago ICE Editorial Board must be presented at our conference in person. If the writer cannot present the paper, it unfortunately will not be published in our journal.


4.)    Can the conference committee help interested prospective participants secure a visa?

Unfortunately, Chicago ICE is not involved with the visa application process. Once you have completed registration you will receive a confirmation email with a receipt, but official invitations are only sent to conference presenters whose papers have been accepted by the Chicago ICE Editorial Board.


5.)    What do I do if I cannot find my country on the registration list? How am I supposed to register?

Chicago ICE has been using a secure online registration system, regonline. Due to USA security sanctions, regonline cannot accept online payments from certain countries. However, anyone can make a payment and register for you, on your behalf, from anywhere on the registration list.

Once we receive your registration via regonline, you will receive an automated confirmation e-mail. 


6.)    Does the paper being submitted have to be unpublished? Or can it be a paper that has been published before, but that also fits well with this conference?

We are seeking papers that have never been published. All papers submitted to ICE 2015 will be considered for publication within an upcoming issue of the peer-reviewed, Journal of Educational Leadership in Action (ELA), www.lindenwood.edu/ela.


7.)    Is it possible to “attend” the conference online?

Participants can only attend in person.


8.)    How expensive is it to attend the conference? Do you offer any special discounts?

Full ​2 ​Day ​Conference ​Registration ​Includes:
*Registration ​includes: ​ ​2 ​breakfasts, ​2 ​lunches, ​1 ​dinner ​and ​coffee ​breaks.

Single-Day ​Conference ​Registration ​For ​May ​26th ​Includes:
*Registration ​includes: ​ ​Breakfasts, ​lunch, ​and ​dinner ​and ​coffee ​breaks.

Single-Day ​Conference ​Registration ​For ​May ​27th ​Includes:
*Registration ​includes: ​ ​Breakfasts, ​lunches, ​and ​coffee ​breaks.

*Additional ​registration ​is ​required ​for ​the ​Welcoming ​Boat ​Cruise ​on ​May ​25, ​2015 ​

REGISTRATION ​FEE: ​ ​(For ​the ​full ​conference)
If ​you ​register: ​ ​
Before ​October ​31, ​2014 ​- ​US ​$150.00* ​ ​
Between ​November ​1, ​2014– ​April ​12, ​2015 ​US ​$200.00* ​ ​
After ​April ​12, ​2015- ​$250.00*


* Registration includes: 1 dinner,  2 breakfast, 2 lunches and coffee breaks (2 days)


If you register:
Before October 31, 2014 US $150.00* (Early Bird Rate)
Between November 1, 2014 – April 11, 2015 US $200.00*
After April 11, 2015 US $250.00*

The welcoming dinner and cruise tour on May 25, 2015, is an optional addition to the conference and is $50.00.

The attendee can book a room at the Swissotel, where the conference will be held, for $159 per night, before taxes. Click here to book your stay.

Flight fares can be found through either O’Hare or Midway airports in Chicago, and will vary depending on where the attendee is flying in from.


9.)    Do you have interpretation services for attendees?

Unfortunately, we do not have interpretation services for attendees. Any papers submitted to our Editorial Board must be written in English, and the conference will be entirely in English as well.


10.) What happens if I register, and then decide that I can no longer attend the conference?

After registering for the event you can log into your account on regonline and change your attendance status at any time.  We do not offer full refunds at any time, and as the event gets closer the amount of payment refunded gets smaller.  This is due to the fact that the event is planned around the number of attendees registered and upon cancellation the changing number of attendees alters the conference as a whole.  The refund policy is as follows:

Attendees ​ ​canceling ​their ​registration ​before ​October ​31, ​2014 ​will ​receive ​a ​75% ​ ​refund. ​
Attendees ​canceling ​their ​registration ​between ​November ​1, ​2014 ​- ​April ​11, ​2015 ​will ​ ​receive ​a ​25% ​refund. ​ ​
No ​refunds ​will ​be ​permitted ​for ​cancellations ​made ​after ​April ​11, ​2015