Dr. Regina Armour

Regina Armour

Regina Armour is currently the Director of School Development and Outreach for Concept Schools. She received her doctorate from National Louis University’s National College of Education and her research focus was the professional and personal development of the transformational leader.  Her work in schools began with becoming an intermediate and upper grade teacher of biological sciences and math.  She has also taught high school, community college and university graduate students.

Dr. Armour’s primary focus is literacy using a multi-faceted approach, and crafting relevant, engaging learning experiences for all students—both young and adult.  She has provided professional development for teachers and leadership development for principals and schools.  She has extensive experience in building collaborative relationships with the community and families by doing numerous workshops in social justice instructional  school cultures, cultural proficiency in schools and organizational literacy for educators.

She is a life-long learner and is intent on cultivating that skill in others.