Dineo Lekgetho

Dineo LekgethoBiography:

Dineo Lekgetho is a primary school teacher with a Diploma in Educational Management. She attained this certificate in 2013 from the Institute of Development Management (IDM, Botswana). She has been a teacher since 1975. She has taught in several Botswana primary schools and at the moment is a deputy school head (Principal) at Phuduhudu primary school, one of the remote areas dominated by the Basarwa ethnic groups. .

As a deputy school head, she undertakes assists the head teacher with planning and developing the formal and informal curriculum of the school in consultation with the Heads of Departments. She manages pupils’ transfers in and out of the school in consultation with the head teacher according to Primary School Regulations. She co-ordinates school staff development activities in consultation with HODs and Senior Teacher Advisor –Learning Difficulties. She reequists and administers school and manages pupils, non-teaching staff and teachers conflicts and make referrals where necessary. She liaises with relevant authorities and maintains appropriate record keeping including school statistics.

Working in Botswana remote areas is a great challenge but Dineo enjoys every moment of it. She is very compassionate about Basarwa and their children’s welfare and usually solicits for assistance for NGOs to improve their conditions.