Daniel Rezac

Daniel RezacDaniel Rezac is the founder and Editor of EdReach.us, an education broadcasting network reaching thousands of educators each week. Through EdReach, Daniel writes for, produces, and markets 30 live education webcasts and podcasts, which cover technology in education, gadgets, devices- especially Apple, Google, and the cloud. Most recently he co-founded Edventory.com, a Professional Development search tool, designed to make finding and saving PD experiences- dirt simple.
Also a full time teacher, Daniel speaks at many conferences on the topics of ed tech, and media in education. He spoke this winter at SXSWedu, moderating a panel with PBS and Edutopia, as well as in DC at the CoSN Conference.
Daniel also co-organizes monthly ed tech panels in Chicago for Educelerate.com. Educelerate brings together, educators, entrepreneurs, as well as venture capitalists in the education space.