Beth Leidolf

Beth LeidolfBeth Leidolf is an 9-12 instructor at York Community High School in Elmhurst, IL. She is a Google Certified Educator as well as a Nationally Board Certified Teacher in World Languages. Currently, she participates on the school and district Instructional Technology committees as they move forward with a 1:1 mobile initiative. In addition to infusing  technology into her Spanish F2F classroom and colleagues, she also guides language students in the online learning environment as a faculty member of the Illinois Virtual School. She can also be found in the Twittersphere as the moderator of the #reflectiveteacher online chat and community. Beth is passionate about breaking down classroom barriers and collaborating with students and teachers outside in cyberspace, making the world a smaller, more connected place!


Title of Presentation: Measurable Moments: Using Tech Tools for Reflection and Feedback to Foster Student Growth

As educators, we need to provide our students with every opportunity to grow and move forward in their learning. Two ways to encourage this positive growth mindset are the inclusion of student reflection and feedback. By incorporating technology alongside these approaches in the classroom, teachers can effectively support student meta-cognition, provide timely feedback to students about their progress and help them plan for future learning. Learn about some free and effective web tools that can easily be integrated into curriculum and that will help students think, grow and see their progress over time.