Antonio Aguilar-Díaz

Antonio Aguilar-DíazBiography:

Antonio Aguilar-Díaz, PhD

Dr. Aguilar-Díaz completed his education in his native Puerto Rico. He has dedicated the last 18 years to the field of School Psychology. A practitioner, he has found various outlets to complement his skillset. In such capacity, he has been an educational consultant, an educational researcher and a trainer. Among his accomplishments, he hosted a weekly radio talk show addressing human sexuality. Most recently, he has presented at the International AIDS Research Conference, the American Educational Research Association and National Association of School Psychologists.

At the moment, Dr. Aguilar-Díaz dedicates his time as a Bilingual Psychologist in Fairfax County Public Schools and as a college instructor at Sistema Universitario Ana G. Méndez, Capital Area Campus. Teaching is the second thing Dr. Aguilar-Diaz’ most passionate about. He enjoys the enriching process of nurturing future minds in the fields of Education, Counseling and Psychology. Concurrently, he has developed a strong interest in cognitive processes. For such reason, he is pursuing Post-Doctoral studies in School Neuropsychology focusing on Memory Interventions.

Presenting at Chicago ICE is both an honor and a privilege as he shares the cognitive components of Discipline Based Dual Language Immersion Model and its implications to teaching.