Alice Guss


Tsawaysia Spukwus whose English name is known as Alice (nee Harry) Guss, is a Squamish Nation member, born and raised in Squamish, British Columbia, Canada.  She is a mother of three children who is strong, committed and active in the preservation of her Culture and Heritage.  Tsawaysia participates in all aspects of First Nations culture, language, community, governance, education, traditional art forms, healing, recreation, singing, drumming, dancing and storytelling. With over 20 years working with First Nation’s communities as a Director of Education, 5 years in the Employment Industry along with 15 years delivering Sacred Drum making workshops, Tsawaysia is masterful at bringing innovative learning opportunities to all people through workshops, drumming, singing, dancing and storytelling. She is an avid participant in healing Tribal Journeys and more recently co-produced a number of documentaries including Squamish Nation: Stories from the Heart, Tribal Journeys, and Riding with the First Nation’s Snowboard Team. During the 2010 Olympics she coordinated her family’s Sea Going Canoe display, Pekultn at the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC.

Tsawaysia graduated from Howe Sound Secondary in 1980 in Arts & Sciences. Tsawaysia went to Langara and Capilano College and did Small Business and Academic & Computers courses.
Tsawaysia then went on her Education Journey! — from being a Tutorial Aide to Director of Education for two Nations, (Squamish and Tsawwassen). Plus the beauty of working downtown eastside, Vancouver BC — in the Employment Industry (employment coordinator/resource coordinator)

Tsawaysia enjoys: Tribal Journeys pulling in Ocean Going Canoes, Sacred Vessels called Pekultun (35 feet) & Kaxolth (50 feet)!